Our First Halloween

Halloween this year was so much fun! It was Landon and my first Halloween together and we knew we had to do something great! That weekend we were able to attend our good friend Megan Turley's couples dress up party and it was such a blast! We actually won for best costume.. here is a picture of the winning outfits..

I was a mail-order bride, and Landon was the creepy american who bought me. It was so much fun! Landon and I made my costume from FedEx foam envelopes and taped them together. He literally had to tape me in. My veil and lace is made of bubble wrap. It was such a fun costume!

We also were able to attend the annual Fielding Halloween party! It was so much fun, and the whole Fielding family went as the Kardashian's! It was such a funny costume. Landon and I were Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries.. of course I had to put a butt in. Here are some pictures!

It was such a fun holiday!

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