February, March and April?

Ok seriously, where does the time go? Does anyone else feel like they are on super turbo speed? Cause we sure do! I can't believe I am the world's worst blogger. I know someday I will look back and kick myself for not blogging enough, but oh well. At least I am here now. The only reason I am here now is because Landon will be pulling an all-nighter to write his 25 page paper, and it is hard to sleep without him next to me.. yeah yeah cheese ball I know. So I guess I should fill you in on a very short summary of the last three months.

Oh the month of love. This month means so much to Landon and I. We got engaged on Valentine's day 2011! It was a perfect day!! This year for Valentines Day I made Landon promise me that we weren't going to do anything special. Little did he know I had a HUGE surprise for him! I ended up renting out the Murray Theatre, where he proposed, and we had a romantic candlelit dinner for two. It was a wonderful night, and he was shocked to say the least!!! Everything went perfectly. 

Other than that February was full of trying new things like green smoothies...

...spending time with friends, and lots of school work.

Went by SO fast! Landon and I decided to book flights to Europe and we have been busy planning our trip which we leave on in 3 weeks from today! Crazy I know. We also took a trip to AZ to watch some spring training and do some filming projects...

...went on way too many late night sugar runs...

...and filmed some awesome events! We love our job, have we mentioned that?

Is it April already? Oh ok.. yeah half way through. Nice. This month has been so much fun! Landon and I have been able to do a million things and we feel like we are always running around, never stopping. We had such a fun opportunity to go to the Conference Center and watch the Sunday afternoon session of General Conference...

...had a spring cleaning day in Huntsville, we can't wait to spend lots of time up here this summer...

...did some DIY projects including repainting and fixing up this hutch from the D.I...

...and we inherited a BBQ from the Welch's and Landon couldn't be more excited! The day after we got it down here Landon insisted we throw a bar-b-que for some of our friends. It turned out to be a blast!!

And last but not least we have been filming and editing non stop! It has been so much fun, but the stress is building a little bit as Landon gets into finals week. We will survive. But that is a short recap of our lives via instagram pictures. I promise on our trip I will update the blog a lot! Love you so much cyberworld!!


January Catch Up

Really? It has been a month since I posted. I am sorry to our three followers.

Where do I even start? I should talk about how amazing my birthday was! My husband spoils me rotten.

He bought me my first sewing machine!! No more begging Kelly to use hers, I got my very own. I can't wait to sew so many fun projects through the years.
He took me to get a couples massage! Best gift ever. Such a relaxing way to spend my birthday.
And he got me, yes, a Backers cake. I live for these!

It was the best day ever! The day after my birthday we were able to film Mike and Whitney's wedding which was such a blast. You can catch the video here...

A few days after we were able to celebrate my birthday with my closest girlfriends and ry guy! It was such a great night to see everyone!

The next couple of weeks were a blur! We were able to work on one of our favorite projects so far... lululemon athletica! It was so much fun to get to know the staff of the new salt lake store so well! 

We filmed...


....and premiered our video at the store opening, all within three weeks! It was so much fun! And so surreal to watch everyone watch our work! So much fun.

See our lululemon video here!

So that is a short, condensed version of what we did in January. I promise I will be back soon to fill you in on the month of love! Until then... Love you all!!



This year we were fortunate enough to take a fun trip to Mexico! We left December 23 and headed to San Blas with the Welch's for some sunshine! It was so fun to be in San Blas, especially with Landon. This is a place where I have come to often growing up, and it was fun to finally share it with the person I love the most! We were able to do so many fun things while we were there including...

Visit the town square every night, and go to midnight mass on Christmas Eve.

Attend the little branch in San Blas for a Christmas Sunday.

Go deep sea fishing! We caught 16 fish in about 3 hours. It was awesome!

Be with lots of family for Dan and Emmy's wedding!

See about a dozen crocodiles in the wild on the jungle boat cruise.

and hit up the awesome rope swing!

It was definitely a fun-filled week! After San Blas we drove down to meet the Fieldings in Punta Mita. It was so fun to have both our families within two hours of eachother! We got lucky this year. Here are some fun things we were able to do in Punta Mita...
Scuba diving and whale watching!

Swimming with the dolphins!

And celebrating New Years with them! 

After we spent some time with the Fielding's, we again met up with Buzz and Megan for a few extra days in Puerto Vallarta. Here are some of the things we did for the last days of our trip!

Lay on the beach and have Landon become obsessed with the Hunger Games. For good reason.

Visit a little surf town called Sayulita. It was an awesome place!

Lay out/ sailing.

Eat at the coolest restaurant overlooking all of PV.

Visit Yelapa!

Rent a boat and go on a snorkel adventure!

It was a great way to send off 2011 and welcome 2012! We loved spending time with our families and having a little bit of relaxation!


Our First Christmas!

So I know this blog may seem a little outdated, but seriously, how hard is it to keep up with the social media these days? I have to keep up with facebook, twitter, pinterest, email, company blogs, instagram and so much more! 

Ok, enough complaining. But I thought it was time to finally update our blog on our first Christmas season as a married couple! We were able to do so many fun things. It was a great holiday season and I am so glad there are a million more to come. Here are some pictures of just a few things we were able to do this christmas season!
We were able to visit Santa at my parents ward christmas party! We were also hired to snap some photos for them.

Build the most awesome gingerbread house, complete with a garage and a porch. We had way too much time on our hands.

Visit the lights at temple square with our two of our best friends who we love so dearly! Landon and I had a fake engagement, it was the highlight of the night.

Bought our first Christmas Tree!

Decorated our first Christmas tree!

I made an ornament out of one of our extra wedding invitations. It was a fun idea I found off of pinterest for our first Christmas.

And made our first Christmas card!

We hope that you all had an amazing holiday season! We can't wait for next year. 


Welcome home sister!

Our lives have been crazy busy, but I just wanted to publicly announce that hermana kubly is home, and we couldn't be more excited! I have been looking forward to this day since May 13, 2010. Welcome home Jess!!



Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Today I am feeling so thankful for so much! This year I have come to appreciate how much my close family means to me, and how grateful I am for the gospel. 2011 has been a whirlwind year, with so many exciting things.. which brings me to the number one person I am grateful for today, Landon. I could not have hoped to find a better person to spend eternity with. I am so grateful that I finally have found him, the man of my dreams and so much more. He is everything to me, my other half, my best friend and he makes marriage perfect and easy. I have never been happier than I am now, and it is because of Landon and his impact on my life. He is such a giving, wonderful person. I love him with everything I have and I can't wait to grow old with him, and someday have our grandchildren over to our house for Thanksgiving dinner.

I also just want to tell my family how grateful I am for them. Without my family I would be lost. I have learned, and constantly learn so much from each of them. I am so thankful to know that no matter what my parents, and megan and ryan will always be there for me, no matter how stupid my problems are, or when I just need a good laugh, they are the ones I can turn to. I am so thankful for such a wonderful, strong father who is such an example of a Priesthood holder. I have learned more from him than he will ever know. My mom will always be my hero. She has always been there for me, and lifts me up every time I see her. She is optimistic, kind, selfless and beautiful. Megan is the most loyal person I have ever known. The bond we share as sisters, nobody will ever understand. She is a part of me and always will be. I rely on her in so many ways. And Ryan is perfect. He is the most amazing brother. Him and I have always shared a special relationship and I have loved watching him grow into the most incredible young man, and someday missionary.

I am also thankful to have married into such an amazing family. The Fielding's have been there for Landon and I in so many ways, that it would be impossible to thank them enough. I immediately felt like a daughter to Rick and Denise and love spending time with them. I look forward to Tuesdays and Thursdays when I get to spend time with Denise and Devrie at pilates. I am so grateful for Devrie for treating me like a sister, and for being such an amazing example of a wonderful mother and wife. I hope someday I can live up to her perfection, because even though she doesn't see it, she is incredible in my eyes. I admire Brynlee's drive and motivation. She works so hard in cougarettes and in school and it is amazing to watch her shine. And it has been fun to have another younger brother Braxon. He is hilarious, and I am so glad when he is around because I know he will always make us all laugh.

And last but not least, I am so grateful for such amazing friends! These girls in my life make it so much fun!! I don't know what I would do without them. And I am especially excited because my other sister (basically) is returning home from her mission in one week from today!

This has been an amazing day of reflection. I am the luckiest girl in the world, because the people that surround me in my life are amazing. I love you all so much!


Friday, Saturday and Sunday fun!

This weekend Landon and I were able to do a little kicking back and cutting loose. Since Landon only has one class on Friday mornings, the weekend basically starts Thursday night for us. So Friday after Landon's class, we decided to take kimbo slice out....

but not before Landon ate almost a whole pumpkin pie, cold, while driving, not a safe experience.

This is Kimbo Slice. It is big and black and nobody really knows what it is. But Kimbo is used for four wheeling. Landon and I took her out to the west desert. It was so much fun! My first experience on Kimbo wasn't great, so it was nice to give her a second shot.

After we took Kimbo out, we stoppped at Ikea, Home Depot and Anthropologie to pick up a few things for our latest art project. This is what we came up with! We took a blank wall in our bedroom and made this!

After our art project we met up with the Fielding and Knight families for some dinner and some Disney on Ice. It was fun to watch Braylon, Chayce and Luke enjoy the show. I think next time we go, it will be with our kids, cause it wasn't a very adult friendly show.
Saturday was a wonderful day! Landon and I woke up late, I made an amazing egg casserole and we had a lazy morning. That afternoon we were planning on going to the U football game. So we went to tailgate at the new business school which was so much fun to see all of my old co worker friends, but while we were there it started snowing. Landon and I decided to head home and enjoy the game in our warm apartment. It was a fantastic game by the way!

After the game, we met up with our friends Ashley and Tyler Pack. We love hanging out with these two! Ashley and I met in Chile and became best friends for the months we were there. She and I are two peas in a pod. Anyway, we met up for a great mexican dinner.
After dinner we headed to Mates of State! They had a concert at the Urban Lounge. It was SO much fun!! Landon probably thinks I am crazy because I was dancing all over the place but it was such a blast! Mates is one of my favorite bands of all time, most people have no idea who they are, but you can count on Ashley and I to be at their concert!

Also, we met up with a wonderful bear at the concert. It was so fun to see Sam and I think these two enjoyed some guy time.

Best concert ever.

Sunday was also a great day! After church Landon and I went up big cottonwood canyon to enjoy the snow and take some pictures! Then we went to the Welch's to have a pre thanksgiving meal because Ryan leaves Friday for India! I am so jealous. 

Overall is was another wonderful few days in this blissful life we are living! Whoever said marriage is hard, is seriously disturbed.