February, March and April?

Ok seriously, where does the time go? Does anyone else feel like they are on super turbo speed? Cause we sure do! I can't believe I am the world's worst blogger. I know someday I will look back and kick myself for not blogging enough, but oh well. At least I am here now. The only reason I am here now is because Landon will be pulling an all-nighter to write his 25 page paper, and it is hard to sleep without him next to me.. yeah yeah cheese ball I know. So I guess I should fill you in on a very short summary of the last three months.

Oh the month of love. This month means so much to Landon and I. We got engaged on Valentine's day 2011! It was a perfect day!! This year for Valentines Day I made Landon promise me that we weren't going to do anything special. Little did he know I had a HUGE surprise for him! I ended up renting out the Murray Theatre, where he proposed, and we had a romantic candlelit dinner for two. It was a wonderful night, and he was shocked to say the least!!! Everything went perfectly. 

Other than that February was full of trying new things like green smoothies...

...spending time with friends, and lots of school work.

Went by SO fast! Landon and I decided to book flights to Europe and we have been busy planning our trip which we leave on in 3 weeks from today! Crazy I know. We also took a trip to AZ to watch some spring training and do some filming projects...

...went on way too many late night sugar runs...

...and filmed some awesome events! We love our job, have we mentioned that?

Is it April already? Oh ok.. yeah half way through. Nice. This month has been so much fun! Landon and I have been able to do a million things and we feel like we are always running around, never stopping. We had such a fun opportunity to go to the Conference Center and watch the Sunday afternoon session of General Conference...

...had a spring cleaning day in Huntsville, we can't wait to spend lots of time up here this summer...

...did some DIY projects including repainting and fixing up this hutch from the D.I...

...and we inherited a BBQ from the Welch's and Landon couldn't be more excited! The day after we got it down here Landon insisted we throw a bar-b-que for some of our friends. It turned out to be a blast!!

And last but not least we have been filming and editing non stop! It has been so much fun, but the stress is building a little bit as Landon gets into finals week. We will survive. But that is a short recap of our lives via instagram pictures. I promise on our trip I will update the blog a lot! Love you so much cyberworld!!


  1. I was wondering if you would ever blog again...........yay! You're back!

  2. BLOG MORE! Cutest couple ever...we miss you guys!