Thank You

One if my wedding goals was to send Thank You notes to the people who were so generous and gave us gifts at our showers and weddings! By the time our wedding rolled around I was all caught up on the shower Thank You notes. After we got back from our honeymoon we were showered with love and gifts from our wedding. We cannot even begin to thank everyone so much for the selflessness and the love and support that you have shown Landon and I. Anyway these were just from our wedding...

I am sort of a perfectionist, so I not only wanted to write a Thank You note to everyone, I wanted to have them all written and out before July 23, one month after our wedding. Landon and I spent many night writing and writing but we hadn't even made a dent. One day I came home from work and Landon told me he had a surprise for me.... He had written the rest of the Thank You notes!! It was the sweetest thing and I just love him so much for being so great. He seriously knows how to relieve some stress. Yeah, my husband is amazing.

Needless to say, we made our Thank You note goal! And it was a really good day when we sent the last Thank You note in the mail.

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