New Callings

A few weeks ago Landon and I were called into the Bishops office. Thinking they were just going to ask us to speak since we were new, I realized that the young men's president was also in the office with us. I immediately knew that Landon was getting a calling! Well yes, Landon was in fact called to be a young men advisor... and I also got a calling... Primary chorister! Umm.. yes, me, leading music to tons of little kids! I was a little nervous at first, but after leading them for the past two weeks I actually love it! The program is coming up on October 16. Cross your fingers for me!

Landon is loving his calling. He gets too excited every week for "ward ball" on Tuesdays and the young men activities on Wednesday. This week was kickball and he couldn't wait to tell me his 3 home run kicks! We are having a blast in our new ward and absolutely love it!

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  1. Congrats on your calling! You are adorable! When I get married, I hope I have an amazing dress like the one you wore. Great blog! Keep in touch.