Busy bee's

I can't believe Landon and I have been married for over a month! That was honestly the fastest month of my life.We have had such a fun summer so far, and there are still a few weeks left to enjoy the sun! After we got home from our honeymoon, we went straight to Huntsville to spend the 4th with the Welch's. It was such a fun night and good to be back in the US of A. After we got back from Huntsville we went a week later to Lake Powell with the Fielding's. It was SUCH a fun trip, and Lake Powell was such a new experience for me!
I will post some more pictures in the next few days of that trip, but this was our houseboat.

Other than that I feel like we have just been going and going! We decided about a week ago that we wanted a pet.. so we decided to get 2 baby water frogs. Farrah and Fredrick. They are the greatest, they just wont eat their food.. could be a problem..
We have been cruising through life, shopping, trying to cook food, becoming almost unhealthily obsessed with videography, and loving every minute we get to spend together! Married life is the best!!!

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