This year we were fortunate enough to take a fun trip to Mexico! We left December 23 and headed to San Blas with the Welch's for some sunshine! It was so fun to be in San Blas, especially with Landon. This is a place where I have come to often growing up, and it was fun to finally share it with the person I love the most! We were able to do so many fun things while we were there including...

Visit the town square every night, and go to midnight mass on Christmas Eve.

Attend the little branch in San Blas for a Christmas Sunday.

Go deep sea fishing! We caught 16 fish in about 3 hours. It was awesome!

Be with lots of family for Dan and Emmy's wedding!

See about a dozen crocodiles in the wild on the jungle boat cruise.

and hit up the awesome rope swing!

It was definitely a fun-filled week! After San Blas we drove down to meet the Fieldings in Punta Mita. It was so fun to have both our families within two hours of eachother! We got lucky this year. Here are some fun things we were able to do in Punta Mita...
Scuba diving and whale watching!

Swimming with the dolphins!

And celebrating New Years with them! 

After we spent some time with the Fielding's, we again met up with Buzz and Megan for a few extra days in Puerto Vallarta. Here are some of the things we did for the last days of our trip!

Lay on the beach and have Landon become obsessed with the Hunger Games. For good reason.

Visit a little surf town called Sayulita. It was an awesome place!

Lay out/ sailing.

Eat at the coolest restaurant overlooking all of PV.

Visit Yelapa!

Rent a boat and go on a snorkel adventure!

It was a great way to send off 2011 and welcome 2012! We loved spending time with our families and having a little bit of relaxation!


Our First Christmas!

So I know this blog may seem a little outdated, but seriously, how hard is it to keep up with the social media these days? I have to keep up with facebook, twitter, pinterest, email, company blogs, instagram and so much more! 

Ok, enough complaining. But I thought it was time to finally update our blog on our first Christmas season as a married couple! We were able to do so many fun things. It was a great holiday season and I am so glad there are a million more to come. Here are some pictures of just a few things we were able to do this christmas season!
We were able to visit Santa at my parents ward christmas party! We were also hired to snap some photos for them.

Build the most awesome gingerbread house, complete with a garage and a porch. We had way too much time on our hands.

Visit the lights at temple square with our two of our best friends who we love so dearly! Landon and I had a fake engagement, it was the highlight of the night.

Bought our first Christmas Tree!

Decorated our first Christmas tree!

I made an ornament out of one of our extra wedding invitations. It was a fun idea I found off of pinterest for our first Christmas.

And made our first Christmas card!

We hope that you all had an amazing holiday season! We can't wait for next year.